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I have a 188 150 OB Sundeck Sport. want to pull to dealer for winterize, but no trailer lights & brakes engage some when I backed over garage slab, which has a slight rise of 2", which seemed to cause them to engage; forward brakes seem to unlock, but I only moved 50ft. is it safe to pull the trailer without damaging it. I tried another pickup and same result, so power issue is in the trailer. it worked fine this past summer.



  • 89checkmate
    89checkmate Member Posts: 148 ✭✭✭
    It will be fine going forward, but you won't be able to back up, the electric solenoid that keeps your brakes from engaging in reverse is wired to the back up lights on the tow vehicle, so if there's a problem with the trailer wiring it won't be getting power to keep them from locking up, there should have been a reverse lock out tool with your trailer that you can put in to unlock the brakes going in reverse, if you don't have one a socket put in its place with some electrical will work, but remember that if you leave it there the brakes won't work going forward either, as for towing to a dealer for winterizing and to get the trailer lights fixed you won't damage anything, just don't get in a spot where you need to back up, here's a pic where socket goes to unlock brakes for reverse.

  • 1pointofview
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    I had the same problem when backing up. took it to the place I boat the boat and they rewired the ground to attach directly to the solenoid or something.  I kept having the same issue. 

    It was not until after a road rage incident where I turned my signal on to turn right and some jackwagon flipped out and tried to run me off the road.  Later I found out that my 7pin wiring adapter was not working properly.  I put my hazard lights on and moved the brake light harness and my light would cut in and out. 

    I bought a new 7 pin adapter and it worked just fine and my brake lockup issue went away.   The trailer I think locks up wihtout proper connection
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