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SD 2000 2013....Mounting Speakers in back near Pylon

I am seriously considering adding some flush mounted speakers in the back of my sun deck facing out past the outboard.  When we stop to swim and hang out on the beach I always anchor the boat with the stern facing the beach.  We can't hear the music and have to turn it up really loud.  Then when you climb on the boat it is so loud on the boat you can't stand it.  

My thought was to order stainless covers like the ones on the boat currently and mount speakers facing out toward the rear of the boat on the back bulkhead just in front of the outboard.  I will them install a switch to allow me to turn those speakers on and off as needed.

Has anyone else done this?
2012 Hurricane SD2000


  • cpufixer1
    cpufixer1 Member Posts: 54 ✭✭

    Good idea. I like the separate volume control. Here's who makes our speaker covers

  • franman
    franman Member Posts: 1 ✭✭
    Had the same problem on our SD235 and decided to use our pylon as a mount for some outdoor speakers I had from our old pontoon. I mounted the speakers on a PVC pipe that slides over the pylon and used some rubberized foam material to support the bottom to prevent scratching the gelcoat and to keep the post from wobbling. Using a switch is ok but better to use an external amp to drive them as this can let you utilize all speakers. Just make sure you have enough battery power to do it. Along with a 8" Bazooka sub it rocks!
  • bigbuka1
    bigbuka1 Member Posts: 42 ✭✭
    I am planning on adding an amp. Also I currently have two batteries so power won't be an issue. Gotta wait till I get the shrink wrap off and can get into the boat to look a little more at the area to determine if there is room to mount them..
    2012 Hurricane SD2000