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Fresh water fill

im new to boating. Very new.  Just bought a 2011 201ss.  Where is the filler for fresh water sink?  And how do I use live well.  
Sorry for the dumb questions 


  • RuddsRetreat
    RuddsRetreat Member Posts: 55 ✭✭
    my fresh water is on starboard side back by transom. I have a round plate side mounted around 3" round that screws in.  unscrew and use your hose to fill.  about your bait well, I never use mine.
  • jeffscottlmt
    jeffscottlmt Member Posts: 6
    Thank you I'll take a look around. 
  • Ben927
    Ben927 Member Posts: 1
    On my 201 GS the sink came with a collapsible plastic water container.  It would always come free and flood the compartment.  I took a gallon plastic tea container and drilled the top to run the hose from the sink right into the container.  I put two small clips on the side of the compartment and I just bungee the container.  It works well.  My under deck fresh water tank is only for the shower at the back of the boat.

  • omar174
    omar174 Member Posts: 167 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2016
    ^^ That's how my 201 was. Came with a big plastic bladder in th storage area under the sink. Hooked up to the faucet with a hose. Pump the faucet like a soap dispenser to get water. Like the pic below.

    2003 GS211 Yamaha 150 HP OX66