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Start a boat

I own 2010 Hurricane 187 with 2 batteries (1 reg and 1 deep cycle. After storage x 6 monts and recharging both batteries show 12.5 v , however after installation I'm unable to start my boat. Every suggestions will be considered and appreciated . Thank you 


  • M99
    M99 Member Posts: 68 ✭✭

    Probably a bad battery. 12.5V with no load is not a full charge.  It should be around 13.1 or so.  However, you have to measure the voltage under load to tell if it is holding a charge or not. If it is dropping to around 9.5V when you try to start the boat, that battery is toast. Pep Buys and most other auto parts shops can put the battery on a load tester to tell for certain.

  • Sergei
    Sergei Member Posts: 2
    Will definitely test it . Thank you .
  • bshippjr
    bshippjr Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭
    Unless I missed something, I did not see if you have OB or I/O power.  If I/O, I once had a starting issue on a 248GS that was a bad solenoid.  It has been many years, but I was shown how to take a screwdriver and jump started the engine at the slave solenoid.

    Re post above, you can buy a Schumacher BT 100 Battery Load Tester on Amazon for about $20 that can tell you if the batteries are holding a charge.  My boat is on a lift at a marina and this iseasier for me than hauling the batteries to be tested.
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