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Adding speakers to my SD 2000

bigbuka1 Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
 Last summer I got tired of having to crank up my stereo way up in the boat just so we could hear the music when we are hanging out in the water behind the boat. So I'm adding speakers to the back bulkhead between the outboard and the ski pylon of my SD 2000 aiming toward the stern. I'm putting a a/b speaker switch which is going to allow me to toggle the original rear speakers and the new stern speakers.  My boat is currently shrink wrapped and was wondering what the standard size speakers are already in the boat.  I'm guessing 6.5.  Also wanted to check and see if anyone else has tried this and if anyone thinks there will be any structural issues with cutting two 6.5 inch holes in that area with the retractable ski pylon.

2012 Hurricane SD2000