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Instrument Panel Buttons

I have a ss188VO Sundeck Sport. Brand new this spring and the instrument buttons fall off all the time..... any other observations or solutions


  • fdcline
    fdcline Member Posts: 6
    I just bought my new SS188OB and after a couple days and finally time to look at everything, I noticed five of the switch rockers would fall off. After removing one I found the little clips on the inside of each one was broken. I remedied by putting a small dab of silicon adhesive onto the pin that goes inside the switch. Had to check them until set up to ensure they did not adhere to the actual switch rocker. Now they stay. I have not had time to get back to dealer to see if new ones can be gotten "under warranty", as each one is labeled as to the function it is assigned. They were apparently damaged when installed at the factory.