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I have a 2015 SD 2690 with a 300xca and am experiencing ventilation issues when turning?

dbstone Member Posts: 2
This mostly happens at approximately 20 mph and 3500 rpm.  It is worse when people are in the bow.  The dealer water tested the boat with three people in the bow and then moving them to the stern.  This helped but the boat still ventilated in turns.  The dealer lowered the Engine to it's lowest position (hole 2) without the steering mechanism interfering with the transom when lifting out of the water?  Again helped but still ventilating.  The dealer suggests it is a ballast problem (boat Bow heavy), but not sure.   Any suggestions as to what the cause may be.


  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭
    Have the tried to swap props.  I found on my 200HP see very little of this with my 5 blade prop on turns compared to my 3 blade.  You'll lose top end speed, but I find the 4 or 5 blades provide better 'grip' when turning and seeing the ventilation issue you mention.
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  • dbstone
    dbstone Member Posts: 2
    I have not tried a new prop yet!  Hurricane / Nautical Group Engineering has suggested an extension kit to lengthen the shaft.  They are sending one to the dealer to install.  It will give an additional 5" to play with on adjusting the depth of the prop?  Should know by May 6th if it worked!  I'll post the results.