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Electrical Wiring Diagrams for a 2004 FD GS 201. Does anyone know where I can get them?

I have a 2004 Hurricane Fundeck GS 201 with a Yamaha F115. 


  • rdcastle
    rdcastle Member Posts: 100 ✭✭✭
    I sent you a PM. These are for the 2001 GS 201 but should be very similar.
    Rob Castle
    2001 Hurricane GS201 FD
    Yamaha 150 V6 2 Stroke, Oil Injection
  • brianhehn
    brianhehn Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Fundeck 225 OB with a 140 Johnson 4 Stroke.  The radio and tachometer quit working last weekend.  I think it's a fuse.  Where can I find a wiring diagram and a replacement parts guide for the fuses?  Thank You!
  • toastnbutter
    toastnbutter Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get the wiring diagram?  I have the same boat and could use a copy myself.  

  • ausbill32
    ausbill32 Member Posts: 15
    edited May 2017
    I have a 2004  Fun Deck 196R, 19ft, Yamaha 150 4 Stroke
  • JonJuan76
    JonJuan76 Member Posts: 4
    Hello, I have a 1998 201 Fundeck and I lost all power to my switch panel recently. I used a test light to check for power and the wire to the "main" on breaker had no juice. I traced it back with a bunch of other wires to a plug harness and it went to what looked like the wiring panel. I looked at my battery compartment and I didn't see any wires but the main cables to the battery switch and to the motor and wires to the bilge. Does the power to the "main" breaker come off the ignition under the dash? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 
  • JonJuan76
    JonJuan76 Member Posts: 4
    So, the wires coming off the battery looked to be going to the bilge pump (not a lot of room or visibility down there lol) and it had me thinking the power was coming from the ignition for some dumb reason :D Lo and behold after going back and forth under the console and midway and back to the bilge I realized the bilge hose was just resting over the power wire and made it look like it was attached but it wasn't. I ran the test light up until I found the break and alas the faulty connection in the wire and everything now works like a charm.