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Manual Pole Anchors?

bigbuka1 Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
Has anyone had any experience with the manual pole anchors?  I am looking at wang anchors and other brands like it for my SD 2000.  I have two concerns, one, can I get an outboard mount so I can avoid drilling more holes in the transom....and two will it hold the stern steady in some breeze and boat wake with the front anchored with a conventional anchor?

2012 Hurricane SD2000


  • R2Florida
    R2Florida Member Posts: 7
    We recently bought a SD2000 and i had my 8' Powerpole Shallow Water Anchor attached to the back beside the Outboard. It was tight but, they were able to install in directly into the transom. It did create 4 new holes in the transom but, saved me on buying an $800 bracket.  We live in Florida and the Powerpole works great in most cases as my primary anchor provided I'm in 6' or less of water of course and on a bottom that is not too hard.