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SS188OB propellers

fdcline Member Posts: 6
I just bought a new SS188OB [image][/image] with the Yamaha F115 HP outboard. Any feedback on propellers being used. Looking at 3 blade versus 4 blade, and most likely SS. Stock pitch is 13-1/4 x 17...


  • tractor_17
    tractor_17 Member Posts: 5 ✭✭
    I have the exact same boat/setup.  With the wife and 5 kids trying to pull my fat butt out of the water on one ski, it seems to take 30 seconds or more (probably 10 hahah) to get up and go on plane.  The dealership said a 4 blade ss prop would make a huge difference, but at 500$ for it. 
    They didn't know what prop though, so they said we would have to take a few to the lake and try them on and see.
    I have checked and read many things that all offer different opinions, but none do a performance test of aluminum VS SS.
    Some say you gain a little top end with the SS, others say you lose.
    My boat had a 17y aluminum and with the 6 of us, trimmed up just right, the speedo says 39..plenty fast enough for me.
    I want the grunt out of the water though.
    They say you can't compare them because you would run different rake/pitch between the 2.
    It also makes mention that the heavy ss has a clunking effect that can damage the lower unit...some props have some new dampening stuff on them, but who knows.

    If you do go this route, please post what you used and where you got it.

  • fdcline
    fdcline Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the feedback. I have been doing some research on props and have had past experience dealing with iBoats web site and they are by far best prices on new props of any kind. They have a prop selection tool and it gives me some options in three and four blade props. I like the four blade stainless ones it recommends. One thing it does is drops the diameter down to 13" from 13-1/4", and pitch stays at 17". Prop has internal rubber bushing to reduce the 'knocking' effect. I ran one of these on my previos boat for five years and never had any issues. Probably going to go with this one. My buddy runs a four blade they recommended and did not lose any top end , but gained a noticable change pulling from a stop and lower speeds being able to stay on plane. Hope this works, and will post once I make the switch. Happy and safe boating to ya! [image][/image]
  • Ernest_T
    Ernest_T Member, Moderator Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
    I switched from the 3 blade SS to a 4 blade SS from PowerTech on my boat.  I also added Smart Tabs.  Both helped to significantly reduce planing speed, reduce bow rise, and inprove hole shot.  I contacted PowerTech and gave them all my information and they recommended two 4 blade prop choices for my boat (each with a different pitch).  The goal is to find a prop that will still max. your engines rpms, and it is not an exact science.  On my boat my max rpms dropped slightly from 6000 to 5800, but I was close enough that I didn't even try the the other recommended pitch.  I did loose 2 mph in top speed, but my wife seldom lets me go fast anyhow, so I don't miss it. 
    Going from 3 to 4 blades you will need to drop 1 or 2 in pitch, but there are other variables (is the prop cupped, etc.)  I like the PowerTech prop.  It uses a "Cushion Lock" hub system that reduces the "clunk" you get shifting.  Where ever you get the prop, be sure that there is a return policy, because you may have to try a couple to find one that works the best.  The SS props are not cheap, but I'm happy with the change.
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