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Removal of Courtesy Lights

Well as usual I have skipped ahead of myself.  I want to upgrade the courtesy lights on my 2005 GS210 Fundeck.  Two of the lights are out, with one also having the cover gone.  So I wanted to upgrade to blue LED.  I bought some from BassPro, b/c I am the worst impulse buyer there.  Anyways, I am confused as to the removal of current lights.  They are baitwell lights that have been installed with the large plastic nut from behind the light.  The new lights will cover holes, and have two small screws to fasten to front.  Is there a way for me to remove the old lights without being able to reach behind em?  I thought about just drilling them out, but that'll make a mess and I thought there might be a better way.  Maybe I need to try harder to get behind em?  I don't know.  Just lookin for some advice.


  • davenotacaptain
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    Don't think it matters too much but my boat is a GS211.  I don't think there is a 210.
  • nquirk
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    Not familiar with your specific boat but the problem with the current ones is accessibility as they're installed on the cap before it is mounted on the hull of the boat and as you've mentioned, impossible to access.

    I believe on my SS I can get the ones that are mounted in the seats from inside the storage compartment but I have one in front of the livewell.  I wonder if I remove my livewell liner would they be accessible.  Not sure your locations but if similar to the SS perhaps from inside the storage compartment or removing the livewell will work?

    If not, as you've mentioned, you don't need the lights, just the wires so drilling may be the answer.
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  • davenotacaptain
    davenotacaptain Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Well thank you for the tip.  As I worked through it today, I was able to actually work my big self behind 3 of the 4 courtesy lights.  I just drilled out the last one and had no big issues.  Had to use a coat hanger to pull the wires back for that one but went well.  Very pleased with my new blue led lights.  And all four work!  Thanks for the advice.  As is often the case, I had looked at the job and psyched myself out.  But all is well.  thanks again!