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SD187 with Volve 4.3 Trim/Tilt problems

gmtk Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
2004 SD 187 with a volvo penta 4.3.  Boat worked fine last week.  Got off the trailer today and trim won't work at all.  Tried to jump directly from the battery to the trim motor and got really bad spark on the positive terminal and it began to melt the gator clip - no turn from the motor.  Relays are functioning on my workbench.  Here is the weird thing, after I pulled the relays, I put my multi-meter on the boat-side input for the relays and am not getting power at all from where the relays mount.  In-line 10 amp fuse is good.

Is there another inline fuse somewhere?  I'm at a loss. Going to order a new trim motor but am at a loss on why no power at the relays.

If someone has an idea, I'm all ears. Also, if someone can point me towards a wiring diagram, that would also be appreciated.  Really disappointed my weekend with the kids is ruined; they had their heart set on going to the lake.