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Yamaha F150 Grease Fittings

gordonvp Member Posts: 8
I hope someone can help me with this problem.

Last year I bought a used Hurricane SunDeck Sport with a Yamaha F150.  I noticed during last summer usage, but didn't try to address it till this year, that there was a loose wire with a ring connector which should be connected to a grease fitting on the mounting bracket.  The grease fitting is broke off below the hex head neck so that all that remains is the threaded nipple.  In order to remove this I will likely need an Easy Out and then replace the fitting.

I have researched this part on the Yamaha web site.  The part is located on the BRACKET 1 parts schematic and is listed as NIPPLE, GREASE with a part number of 93700-06M03-00 and costs about $6.00 (according to other parts web sites).

I'm wondering if anyone else has replaced these grease fittings and if they are standard fittings that might be available at an auto parts store.  Most fittings will fit a standard grease gun but I'm not sure if the threads are the same or if these fittings are unique to Yamaha engines.



  • M99
    M99 Member Posts: 68 ✭✭

    They are almost certainly standard thread grease fittings, but in most cases they would be stainless on a boat.  However, that Ring connector is probably a ground wire, so be certain that it grounds against the part that the fitting screws into.  Most stainless does not make for a good ground itself.