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All my Switches are dead except for the power. I checked all fuses and they look good.

Any one know what this is. Looks oxidized at connections and possibly leaking out of casing.


  • nquirk
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    It's a 12V relay, may be part of your issue depending on which relay it is.  Also, if you replace it and still are having problems, consider checking your grounds which daisy chain from the furthest switch across each switch.

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  • bigbuka1
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    it is the relays...little black boxes under the dashboard...they have a few wires going into them...mine has two.
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  • coolwateree
    coolwateree Member Posts: 22 ✭✭
    I just had the same issue two weeks ago. The thread "no power to switches" on this forum. My relay with the three wires going to one post was bad. You can buy the relay at an auto parts store. I bought mine at NAPA $15. 
  • mugsiejr
    mugsiejr Member Posts: 10
    I changed the relay and everything is running again except for gps and fish finder. My next move is to check the ground wires. Thanks for the advise.
  • Hillbillyff
    Hillbillyff Member Posts: 2
    I would be interested to hear what you find.  I have replaced the two relays behind the console and the 40 amp circuit breaker at the battery and I still no lights and no fish finder.  Frustrating. 
  • mugsiejr
    mugsiejr Member Posts: 10
    my problem seem to be intermittent. we went out today and once again no bilge, stereo, fresh water wash. power switch light is on and tested for 12v. IDK ready to bring  it in. If you ask me the design of the dash on my fundeck 201is poor. There is no water diversion to protect switches and a cup holder right above the power switch puts pressure on the contacts.  
  • Johnnysurf1
    Johnnysurf1 Member Posts: 3
    had same problem, mine was corroded main connector was lying in bilge water.