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Replacement of mechanical steering with a hydraulic system.

My current steering has frozen up and I want to change to a hydraulic system.  The SeaStar brand is the one that I want to use.  They make several kits to order for this change out.  My fun deck is powered by a 130 hp 2002 Honda. I believe that the Fun Deck is 21' 8" in length.  Question?  Does anyone know the appropriate length of hydraulic hoses to use on this length boat.  All of the kits that I can order have various hose lengths in them. Such as : 16 ft. , 18ft. , 20ft. , 22 ft.  If anyone has ever done this conversion,  how hard is it to do ?  About how long will it take the average guy ( with helper ) to remove the old mechanical steering and replace with the appropriate SeaStar system.  If it is too complicated,  should I get boat mechanic at a boat shop to do it.   I just don't want to get started on this project and run into a lot of unexpected problems that I can't solve or have the right tools to perform.  Any help a would be appreciated before I order the new system


  • Team36Grit
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    I recent;y added the Baystar to my 150 HP powered 226 FD. Had money not been an issue, I'd have went for the SeaStar (which I can still upgrade to those hoses from my understanding), but mine is a fisher, not a pleasure/ski boat. I got 20', but had converted mine to center console. Best thing to do is get a measurement. Use a piece of rope to lay-out routing, measure what you come up with and add some (3-4') to be sure. I did mine by myself in about 1/2 day, but started with the old helm and cable already removed. Just follow directions closely, pay particular attention to hose routing (which side goes where on helm), and you'll be fine. Wrap one hose on each end with masking tape or zip tie to identify it so you can identify if when connecting. Colored caps can fall off when routing hoses.