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Hurricane Dealer

cliftoncross Member Posts: 19 ✭✭
I have a question... Has anyone had any issues with their Hurricane Dealer in obtaining replacement parts? I have a 2008 SunDeck 2400, and I have inquired about a few misc items that need replacing. My local dealer always says the item is no longer available. Hurricane has not changed the items I inquired about. They are the same style used in current SunDeck 2400 boats. 
The last item I inquired about was a new dash panel. Their response was "Item is no longer available". I found the complete package (all 4 dash panels) on a website.
Of course this dealer isnt very happy with me at all, and the feeling is very mutual. The service dept is horrible. I even spoke w/ the owner about my issues and he pretty much told me I was a complete liar. I inquired about the recommended service schedule on my boat, and the service dept acted pretty much lost. All they could offer was a "tune up kit". They never mentioned replacing the bellows or anything. Please visit Trader Bills website on Facebook and read my review. Ive had issues with them not once, but twice. I have spoken with several other boaters in my area who have not had good experiences with this dealer.

Does anyone recommend or know of a honest reliable dealer in the Arkansas area?