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Trim, Tach and Speedometer don't work

New to Hurricane boats (2007 FD 201 OB) and to this forum. We are thoroughly enjoying the boat this summer in MN! And have learned lots from this forum--thanks!

I have three gauges that don't work (trim, tach and speed). Could this be related to the same thing (electrical problem?) or are the individual sensors the likely culprit? The gas gauge/voltmeter work fine. I understand that there is not a fuse box like in a car, but is the fuse under the steering panel or the fuses by the battery related to these three gauges (just read about those fuses in another forum)? Thanks much. MN Dave


  • Bigworm60
    Bigworm60 Member Posts: 1
    I'm also new to the Hurricane family of boats. Have a 2008 2400 I/O Deck boat and have same three gauges out. Gas / Volts are good. Also had lights flickering the other night and lost lights all together twice on same trip. Need some guidance on these matters. Thanks VM