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Ugh!! Intermittent Power

1995 hurricane Fundeck 5.0  Started up fine this year but when shutoff completely dead! No power to anything. followed pos to starter which pos cable rotted off. New starter new pos wire and it started up. Shutoff as its out water but wont start again. new battery(3yrs old) started. shutoff no start. New ground wire start. shutoff no start. 50amp red button no movement. what am i missing?? 12 v to new started solenoid.


  • jbernal07
    jbernal07 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2014 Hurricane that was having similar issues with power to the console.  What solved my problem was replacing the inline circuit breakers, they are near the batteries and power switch. One was completely corroded internally and was not passing power thru.  You may just need to reset breaker by pushing the small reset button on the breaker.  You may also have corrosion issues if you have an inline fuse that is not sealed properly.  I hope this helps.  I feel your frustration.