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Sundeck Sport 188 OB Seating Capacity

gbchriste Member Posts: 7

First up, I'm just completing the purchase of my first ever boat - the SS 188 OB.  I'll be taking delivery later this week.  I'm 59 and can't remember a time in my life I didn't want to own a boat.  Needless to say the Mrs. and I are excited about becoming recreational boaters. 

Anyway, on to my question.  I know the specs say max passenger capacity of 10.  When we sat on the boat at the dealership and on the water, 10 seemed like it would be out of reach for an all-adult passenger load.  As we looked around, we figured 8 would probably be the most adults we would ever want to try and load up, and 6 would probably be the ideal max.  During my test run I had 2 friends along so it was me, the salesman and them for 4.  We were of course very comfortable and could easily see 2 more fitting without problems.  But it sure seems like it would get pretty crowded after that.

The reason it is on my mind is one of my adult sons is coming home at the end of the week and bringing some friends with him.  We haven't told him about the boat purchase yet.  He thinks I've reserved a rental pontoon boat for their planned day out on the water.  We're just going to surprise him by pulling up to the marina where I'll be keeping the boat rather than going to the rental location. He originally was bringing 3 people along, which would have put 6 on board for our maiden voyage - me, the Mrs, son, plus 3 friends.  But now he informs me he's bringing a fourth friend.  So we need to handle 7 people comfortably for a day out on the water.  I won't be pulling any tubes or skis.  This is a leisurely day of cruising, swimming, beach roaming etc, on the bay where we live - Choctawhatchee Bay in Northwest Florida.

My wife and I have typical middle-age spread but the rest of the gang are all late 20/early 30, fit and trim young adults.

Would appreciate any 188 owners letting me know of their experience with similar passenger loads.

Many thanks!


  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭
    First off, congrats on your new boat and welcome to the Hurricane family of owners.  I've had mine now for 6 years and I'm still very pleased.

    As for seating capacity.  Your assessment of 10 is bang on.  Sure you can 'squeeze' them all in but from a comfort perspective, 10 is only reasonable when a few them are small kids.  I typically go with my wife, teenaged daughter, another couple for 5 and we have a ton of space left over.  The odd time we end up with another couple and/or one of my daughters friends making it 8.  

    Your 7 will be fine, lots of room for storage of drinks/snacks, etc and for folks to move around without being cramped.

    Enjoy your maiden voyage.... and don't forget to snap a few pics and post them.  Love to see new Hurricanes and their happy owners on the forum.

    2010 Hurricane SS 188 OB
    2010 Mercury Optimax 200HP / Mercury SS High Five 19P
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  • garrett575
    garrett575 Member Posts: 16

    I have had 7 adults on my 188 without any problems.  We usually put 2 on the bow, one operator, and 4 on the L seat.  Last week I maxed out for the first time but had 3 adults and 7 children.  Even at max with this configuration we fit well and pulled tubes no problem with my Yamaha F150. 

    Have fun on your new boat!

  • gbchriste
    gbchriste Member Posts: 7
    We took our party of 7 out and the boat handled and performed beautifully.  Yes it took a tad bit longer to get up on plane but once up it glided along wonderfully.  I couldn't be more pleased!