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2016 Sundeck 188 Sport OB - Freshwater Washdown and Sink Stopped working?

Our brand new boat has a number of small issues that I hope the manufacturer will fix for us.. but one being that the freshwater sink and washdown stopped working. We have used the boat twice. The transom washdown stopped working while we were on our first outing. On our second outing, the sink is no longer spraying. The sink is a pressurized sink.

Any ideas on why this would happen? Are we doing something wrong? We had the right switches turned on, and the tank is definitely full as we filled it just before we went out yesterday.

Thank you!


  • piney
    piney Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
    When you first turn on the switch that powers the pump, you should hear it run for just 2-3 seconds as it reaches pressure. Do you hear it ever run-- at first power up or when either of the sprayers are depressed ?  If not, perhaps it threw its breaker on the breaker panel ?
  • chicy724
    chicy724 Member Posts: 9
    I do not recall hearing anything when we try to use it. The odd thing is that first the transom washdown stopped working, then on our second outing, the sink stopped working. They didn't stop working at the same time or anything. Hmmmm....