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Assistance on an Older Hurricane Deckboat

Good Afternoon.  I recently purchased my first boat, one my parents had for years and was still in good shape.  I have ran into a problem I knew existed when I got the boat and was hoping it was something as simple as a ground or fuse.  Anyway I have a 1990 Hurricane Deckboat, 22' and it has lost power to the operator console, the ignition works fine, all the switches work as they should, but the radio, tach, fuel gauge and speedometer don't work.  Anyone know where to start on this old boat?


  • Team36Grit
    Team36Grit Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    Do you have a "Master" switch on dash, and did you check fuses? I'm guessing spedo works off pitot tube, so other than a gauge light, it's not an electrical gauge.
  • wolf49man
    wolf49man Member Posts: 1
    This is my first time on the forum and hope I'm doing this right.  I have a 1995 Fun Deck and have a few things I would like to replace mainly gas cap. Is there a good website to go to for replacement parts?
  • d_humphrey
    d_humphrey Member Posts: 2
    Had a guy come out and test the electrical, apparently it was all of gauges, replaced the radios it worked, started on gauges and hit a hot wire to ground, now I have lost power to the ignition.  lights still work but power to the ignition, radio, ect is out and I cant find a blow fuse, could it be something else?
  • Wijames
    Wijames Member Posts: 7
    According to what motor you have, there's almost always another fuse at the engine. I blew mine on a Mercury outboard and felt really stupid paying over a hundred dollars at the dealership to have a fuse replaced. If you can find a manual for your engine, it will have a wiring diagram showing the fuses.