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doogie245 Member Posts: 3
I have a 2008 SE2600 io with a mercruiser mag 350 bravo engine. Once engine is up to running temp, I overheat when I Have to slow down below 1200 Rpms. After talking with numerous shops and mechanics, I was steered to look up Bravoitis online. It looks like a manufacturer defect in the design of the cooling system of bravo engines.  There is an aftermarket part available for around $30 and now mercruiser has a redesigned part $ 20 to fix it.  My local dealer wants to pull the engine($5000-$6000) to put in a $20 part.  Why Hasn't there been a recall on this and can the repair be done without pulling the engine? The online forums are killing mercruiser over their lack of support for their product and this issue.


  • BrianDemo
    BrianDemo Member Posts: 1
    This is discouraging.  A post from August 2016 and no response?     Interested to hear how this was resolved.  My 2012 Hurricane SD 2400 is overheating on port side after I changed both manifolds and risers and the Bravoitis is the likely culprit.   Do you really have to pull the engine?