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New at boating. Please help:)

Hello, So glad to find this forum.  I just bought  2005 FunDeck off a friend of a friend.  I love the style of this boat and it's so much fun!  Unfortunately, it is missing a few things and some parts didn't work on my first day out on the water.  It all worked two days prior during my test drive.  So, I didn't get an owner's manual with it.  I downloaded the one from this site but it's not detailed enough for what I need.  All the switches are worn down and I can't make out the writing on most of them.  Did the best I could but all accessories didn't work.  I couldn't charge devices. No stereo, no bilge pump.  Could have simply been user error at this point because I simply can't see what switch controls what.  Does anyone know what switch controls what?  If you have a picture of the labeled switches, I can relabel them.