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Trailmaster Trailer Axle Question

I have a 2008 Hurricane FD202 that sits on the original trailer which is a Trailmaster Tandem Channel trailer (T2050BR) with Hurricane logo along the side.  The axles on the trailer both have a bow or camber in them that seems opposite of everything I read it should be.  The bow is on bottom and not on top.  Both are exactly the same, so it definitely came this way.  Anyone have the same trailer and can tell me if yours are the same?  Maybe even snap a photo.  Thanks! 
2008 Fundeck GS202 4.3L MPI 220hp


  • BBJ
    BBJ Member Posts: 3
    Just in case anyone ever needs this info. I got my answers from Trailmaster directly.  The axles are v bend axles or drop center axles and are as they should be.  These are the types of axles that they use on all of their boat trailers.
    2008 Fundeck GS202 4.3L MPI 220hp