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Non-Engine Related Alarms

I have a 2013 SS188 i/o.  My wife and I had the boat out yesterday.  Some of our time was spent  on a sandbar, and we had the radio going.  A few times (about 1/2 hour apart) a repeating alarm  (3 beeps then  a pause, then 3 more beeps, pause, etc) went off.  It sounded different from the alarm that comes from the engine, plus the engine wasn't running, so I decided to shut off the master power  at the dash to kill the alarm.  It worked.  I would then turn the master power back on and the alarm would return after another half hour or so.  Any one familiar with this?  I have had my boat for 3 seasons and never heard this before.  I checked the Hurricane manual and saw nothing about alarm codes.  

All replies appreciated.
2013 SS 188 i/o 4.3 Mercruiser