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Electrical Issue with Hurricane GS170

Can not get power to the Bilge, Acc, Horn, Lights, etc.  Fuses at the battery area are good but not getting anything to work.  Believe the boat is 2003.  Can anyone send me the electrical information or help me with this issue??


  • mferruccio
    mferruccio Member Posts: 3
    I am a newbie in this area but will share my similar experience. I have a big red battery switch. My stuff did not work either. I had one of the leads from the switch on the wrong battery terminal. Once I switched it, everything worked.
  • skibum
    skibum Member Posts: 56 ✭✭
    More than likely a bad relay or a bad connection on one of the power relays under the helm. Cheap, simple fix. Little black boxes about 1 1/2" square with multiple wires attached. Easily obtainable at any auto parts store. They are just simple 30 amp relays. Good luck with the fix.