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2400 Toilet "Flushing" switch (2012 Hurricane)

RonC Member Posts: 7

When I turn on the Master Panel’s “Flush Vac” switch it activates the switch in the Head. This turns on two LED indicators located on the lower right and left of this switch. Is the indicator under the “Flush” button for the level in the holding tank? Will it show the levels within the holding tank? (1/4 - ½ - 3/4 full) My indicator appears to show a solid box and I assume this means the holding tank is full and is preventing the toilet from flushing?

Sorry for this stupid question but the Owner’s Manual I found online is terrible on the whole “Head” system.


  • aFewScrewsLoose
    aFewScrewsLoose Member Posts: 2
    Did you ever figure this out?  I too have questions on how to properly operate my toilet 2013 2400.  I however do not have any led indicators in the head.  Only the vac/flush switch at the helm. And from what I can tell, it does nothing.
  • GatorJohn
    GatorJohn Member Posts: 6
    Just got used 2013 2400, on panel by toilet are two push switches, "add water" and "flush". Small indicators under seem to show level of fresh water tank and holding tank. Is that right? Also, grinder/transfer pump only works with engine running at over 2000 rpm, only does partial turn while anchored and engine off. Is that normal?
  • GatorJohn
    GatorJohn Member Posts: 6
    Regarding my prior post on 2013 2400 Toilet not working. Finally took it to a technician. He found the wiring to the vac/flush system were very small gage and had large loss from power supply to pumps under large current draw from the pumps. Changed to larger wiring, will now work with engine off and on either one of the two batteries only. FACTORY ISSUE. Was not cheap to fix as troubleshooting and rewire was labor intensive.