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winterizing a hurricane 202 wiyth a 5.0 i/o io

hello all 
i just recently purchased a 2006 hurricane 202 with a stern drive firstly i have to say " i love this boat fast quiet and comfortable with 1 person or 10 " ..
 I've owned OB boats all my life and always done the maintenance and winterizing  but never owned a i/o.. i live in the north east the boat is out of the water for the season .. so what do i need to do to winter over with out issues?? i have a few question 

 #1 does this thing have heat exchanges that have strainers?
#2 is there a trick to get the floor drains to drain? i"m guessing it needs to be perfectly level seeing as the main drain line  is above the lower hull brace.  The lines  holds water all the time even  when they are drained.  Do i need to add  anti freeze to the  floor drain lines or will they flex with the freeze. 

 any advice would be greatly appreciated 

 Possibly someones step by step  check list would be a huge help .. 

 Thanks did i say i love this boat 

 Regards Ned