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Fundeck 226 Engine change.

I have a 2004 FD226 with the 115hp Yamaha.  I have been searching for a 200hp Yamaha Vmaxx to swap to but am not having a lot of luck. Has anyone went up to a 250hp on this boat?  I know this is 50hp over the factory rating and weighs slightly more than the 200hp but these motors are easier to find. I did see in the forum a gentleman installed a 225 Honda and has good success with it.

Why I am asking is that the torque is more than what a 200hp would be and if it has any transom affect.


  • Team36Grit
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    I wouldn't want to be the owner of an overpowered boat in the event of an accident, but that's just me.
  • nquirk
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    I've seen boats overpowered by approx 10% (150HP instead of 135HP) relative weight is the same and no stress was visible (doesn't mean it didn't occur)

    I'd be concerned with the additional weight of the engine and the additional 25% overpowering as the stress on the transom far exceeds the recommended manufacturer ratings.  I think that would be far too much.

    Also, I found this online which is something else to consider.

    This is the Coast Guard procedure in reference to an over rated outboard:
    "There are no Coast Guard regulations against exceeding the safe loading capacity, however, there may be State regulations or restrictions from your insurance company which prohibit this. There is a Coast Guard regulation that gives Coast Guard Boarding Officers the power to terminate the use of a boat (send it back to shore) if, in the judgment of the Boarding Officer, the boat is overloaded. There is no fine for this, unless the operator refuses the Boarding Officer's order. We certainly hope that you will abide by the rating, as overloading may lead to capsizing or swamping of the boat." ... 183.53.pdf
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  • skibum
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    Marine outboard hp ratings are more based on weight than thrust. If you are considering a 4 stroke, don't even think about doing it. A 200 and 250 hp Yamaha vmax sho weighs in at almost 600 pounds without oil and gear case oil. The f-series yamahas (blue/gray color motors) are even heavier. A four stroke would probably break the transom on that boat I would think. But I may be wrong.
  • gapman59
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    The 225hp Yamaha Vmax 4 stroke is 505lbs, The 115hp Yamaha 4 stroke I currently have is 380lbs. So the 125 lbs I do not think is a huge difference. The boat is rated for 200hp which in a Yamaha 4 (non-Vmax)stroke is 583 and the 2 stroke is 480.