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I have a 2013 226 fundeck.

I lost power to all the rocker switches on the dashboard. Batteries all charged fully. Is there an inline fuse or master relay that controls this power, or is just the main switch at fault?


  • RichardD
    RichardD Member Posts: 22 ✭✭
    I'll answer my own question, perhaps it will benefit others. There is a single 12 volt feed that goes through the circuit breaker for the main power switch that allows all other rocker switches to work. Since Hurricane does not manufacture the switch panels or the gauges, but installs the whole boat harness during their build; it is necessary for both supplier of components and Hurricane to have male and female connectors available on their ends of the respective harnesses. Upon final assembly, they merely connect them all. What I found was one of the connectors went bad and totally ate up the pins for that single 12 volt feed. I cut out that connector which handles 8 wires and butt spliced them together one by one. Now, everything works. For everyone's knowledge, there are two of these gray connectors under the helm station connecting all the harness wires.
  • educise
    educise Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for being so generous, I could not find the answer to this same issue we had. Bless you.

  • raptorg007
    raptorg007 Member Posts: 3
    Did you happen to take any photos?