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Speedometer not working..HELP! 2014 sundeck 188

2014 sundeck sport SS188 with 150hp yamaha. Checked on google to troubleshoot speedometer that is not working, and was able to clean the tube in the lower unit (it was clogged with sand/clay/mud), but speedometer still does not work. I am trying to sell my boat within the next 6 months, and need to know any other hints or parts to check on this to get it working. The tachometer IS working. Of note, the speedometer has been replaced once, within the first year of ownership due to the same problem. It has currently not been working for about 9 months. We have been using the speed on the depth finder. Since I am trying to sell, I am looking to avoid an expensive trip to the shop since this part is no longer under warranty. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!