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selling my 2014 Sundeck sport SS188

looking for any helpful hints when selling a boat. this was our first boat purchase and we bought it new. we have scrubbed until it looks new again. am checking NADA for value to get an idea of list price. I don't have a meter at the helm that tells me how many hours are on my motor, I read that with yamaha a dealer can hook up to the motor and give me the total # of hours, does this sound correct? Again, any input on how to sell a boat would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
-Obviously we are considering posting on craigslist (cautiously) and boattrader. any other suggestions for websites? And what kinds of important questions might a buyer ask me that I should know right away?


  • Team36Grit
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  • hurrig8r
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    I'd have the motor serviced before you put it on the market as that's a plus to a buyer. In doing so, ensure you get the printout from the mechanic that will show all engine history and diagnostics. 

    I agree with putting it on Bottrader and Craigslist as well as on this forum. The Hull Truth also has a Trading Dock. Mostly fishing guys on that site, but you never know who's looking for a family boat. I wouldn't expect a whole lot on Craigslist for a boat worth $20k+. Probably 90% of Craigslist contacts will probably be scammers. In-person deal only. Read up on Craigslist scams. 

    Attention to detail in cleaning and maintenance will yield you the highest price. Be patient this time of year, especially if you're in a climate where bots aren't used much this time of year. Tax season is a great time to sell a boat.

    Good luck with the sale. Hopefully you're moving on to something bigger and better.