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Bilge pump

I have a 2005 237OB. I need to replace the bilge pump. How do you get the old one out and replace it. Access to the area is restricted. There are several access ports in the outboard well but it seems to be almost impossible to work through these holes.


  • tcdriver
    tcdriver Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
    I have a similar 237, a 2006 model, and replaced the bilge pump. There a 2 screws at the rear of the bilge pump mounting plate. When you remove these screws, lift the rear of the plate and pull rearward as the front end is resting in a slot. Now you can reposition the pump and it's plate to a more accessable location to disconnect the outlet hose and electrical connections. I replaced mine with an Attwood as I was told that the original pump was no longer available. The new pump required reversing the wirihg to make it operate .