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Faria Tach question

Where can I get information on the Faria tach on my 2013 SS201? There is an icon blinking in the upper left, and I would like to know what it means.


  • herb776
    herb776 Member Posts: 1
    I have same question. Except mine is 2006 model. What is that little icon?
  • TimKLL
    TimKLL Member Posts: 49 ✭✭
    Does it look like an hourglass? (and not a very good depiction of an hourglass at that)  This page, which takes FOREVER to load (let it sit, it looks like nothing is loading, but it will), has multiple Faria Tach manuals on it (not mine).  For as long as the page takes to load, the manuals open almost instantly if you right-click and tell it to open in new tab or window.  Some of the manuals that you can cycle through talk about the flashing hourglass icon - it just means it is counting time when the engine is running.
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