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excessive water in bilge

vinnie Member Posts: 3
I have a 2001 hurricane 226r with a 200 hp Johnson and everytime we pull in and I drive boat on trailer,i open plug
and ,,,boy do I have a lot of water come out....I have plugged all 4 drain holes,thinking a hose let loose in side, and still I get water in somewhere,,checked all undertneath , no does that water get in there...plz help,thanks


  • OV59
    OV59 Member Posts: 14
    edited December 2016
    Do you put the plug in the transom before you leave home?  Is it really bone dry when you leave the driveway?  Is the boat stored with plug out and really bow up?  I suspect it may be rain water trapped in the hull before you ever launch.

    We have a 2000 226R.  Do replace those hoses and through hulls from the deck drains because they degrade and fail, big time.  Not a hard job but requires thought. Even that wont prevent some water in the bilge.

    I think the ski locker lid,  battery access and other hatches, and the back side of the fuel fill all may permit some water to pass.  So does the spot where hoses and cables pass out of the transom to the engine.  The bellows will rot.  Replace that too.

    I have replaced and/or sealed all these except the ski locker lid and still get a bit of water.

    You have a 15 year old item kept oudoors.  UV eats everything.  Stuff requires maintenance. 
  • keysbadge
    keysbadge Member Posts: 6
    We had the same problem on ours. Found out one of the pass through hull fittings was cracked. Replaced all of them and made sure our bilge was working properly. 
  • McSouth
    McSouth Member Posts: 3
    Had the same problem.  My boat has a live well pump tucked away in the back with a thru transom line and a valve on it before the pump.  Discovered that the body of my pump had a minor leak that you could only see with a mirror.  Leaked water even when the pump was off.  Shut the valve and the leak was stopped.