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SS 188 Underseat Storage Not Draining

gbchriste Member Posts: 7
Got my brand new SS 188 in July but just took the first occasion to wash out the storage area under the port-side aft lounge seat. There is a drain hole in the bottom of that area that I assume is supposed to drain in to the bilge but the wash water I poured and hosed in there would not drain. Had to remove several inches of water with a large sponge. I thought maybe the drain was just slow but after an hour not an ounce of water drained. I tried probing in to the hole with something to remove any small blockage. No luck. Have seen on other forums where this may be a known manufacturing flaw with some Hurricane boats where the drain holes are not punched fully open. Can anyone else advise?


  • tommydio
    tommydio Member Posts: 10
    I know this is an old post, but did you ever find an answer?  I’m having the same issue with my 188.  Thanks. 
  • Sailfast53
    Sailfast53 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2017 SS201 and the big center floor storage area is not draining even though there are two holes punched in the aft end of this large floor storage area.  Did anyone ever get an answer for diagrams of under the decks so we can understand how the water is supposed to get to the bilge?
  • Ppappas13333
    Ppappas13333 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 220 sundeck and mine is doing the same . i have seen on here someone drilled a 1" hole and it took care of it but i want to make sure before i drill 
  • cambridgechris
    cambridgechris Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2018 SS188. There is a drain hole heading toward the OB engine under the center stern bench seat. The drain hose should drain to the starboard side, but the drain hose goes UP HILL!  I’m probably going to remove the hose and drain it to hull/bilge. 
  • MarchiMark
    MarchiMark Member Posts: 1
    Have had my 2018 SS 188 out on the water for about 10 hours.  Just noticed the same thing with the underseat storage.  There are two drain plugs which I assumed would drain to the Bilge.  There is no water in the Bilge.  Just in this storage area.  I drained most out with a few small buckets.  Does anyone know where the drain plugs would lead or why they would not be draining?   Has anyone found a solution for this yet?
  • cjjjdeck
    cjjjdeck Member, Moderator Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭
    There was a time-frame that occurred when the these storage area bins had a drain fixture that was too long (a vendor issue).  During the assembly process, when the upper half of the hull was mated to the lower half, the end of the drain fixture butted up to the bottom of the hull blocking the outlet of the drain fixture.  It took quite some time to find out about this condition and a good number of boats were effected.

    If your boat is experiencing this condition, you can try using some compressed air or poke something into the hole to see if you have a debris blockage.  If you don't, all you need to do is drill a hole in the pan at the lowest point (usually at the back, where the side meets the bottom).  You'll see the best location by just pouring some water in the bin and see where it travels to.  This will drain water into the bilge where it normally would go. 
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  • sdhurricane
    sdhurricane Member Posts: 8
    Resurrecting this post because it appears to be a common issue across many different models.  I snaked the hole to where the hose runs to the starboard scupper and it did not have a clog.  Like cambridgechris mentioned, the hose is in fact too long therefore it hangs lower than the main drain tubing connected to the starboard scupper.  I have noticed that the water rarely gets to a level above the lip of the rear storage bin.  Drilling a hole in the lower portion of the storage bin will take the hose out of the equation but my concern would be allowing all that junk from a day on the water that accumulated in that bin to drain into the bilge.  I'm new here so maybe that's ok. 
  • Mgtyquin
    Mgtyquin Member Posts: 4
    I just join the today and was going to ask this question but it looks like this is an on going issue that should be address by Hurricane, but we no that will never happen. I was thinking maybe putting a small sink drain with a screen. 
  • Mgtyquin
    Mgtyquin Member Posts: 4
    I forgot to ask I have a 2018 SD187 what is the little storage actually for?
  • HEA2005
    HEA2005 Member Posts: 4
    edited August 2023
    We've owned a Hurricane GS 202 for 7 years.  Always had a problem with the starboard side deck drain.  Finally crawled half way in through the back seat storage area to find photo 2.  Kinked hose and yes, uphill!  Photo 1 is the fix.  1 1/2" bathroom elbow fitting.  Not perfect but better.  Also rerouted the drain hose from the captain's chair to go down instead of up!  Not sure why the starboard drain in the rear goes over to the port side.  Seems a shorter and more downhill hose would be better!l