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Problems with Potty door on 2010 SD2400OB and lack of factory support to fix it

Anybody else had problems with poor fit and finish of potty door on their new SunDecks?


  • Ernest_T
    Ernest_T Member, Moderator Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
    We had a problem with the latch on ours, but the dealer fixed it.  Door itself seems to be OK.
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  • Jmenefee
    Jmenefee Member Posts: 2
    I had to tighten mine on a new 2011 217.  Also the engine cove latch was not long enough to lock the engine lid down.  It had to be replaced by dealer.  Factory has poor quality checks on their products.
  • spouses
    spouses Member Posts: 5
    jfurick wrote:

    Anybody else had problems with poor fit and finish of potty door on their new SunDecks?

    I have the same sd2400 but 2008 version...the latch was changed from a 'squeeze' action to a lever lock sometime that year.
    My big gripe is the use of pop rivits on the snap covers...a little salt water action and these are corroding and breaking off the deck. Same is true for the terrible corrosion on the plastic used in the front nav lights and the rear washdown hose....this may be OK for fresh water boating but terrible for saltwater use...a big disapointment on what has been an overall good boat for me for three seasons.
  • kylepaul
    kylepaul Member Posts: 9
    I had a problem with our new SD 217 in that the door cracked along the top edge since it did not seal against the rubber.  I have not at all satisfied with the overall fit and finish of the boat though.  On delivery a panel in the changeroom had fallen in, there was excess foam protruding into the in floor storage area, the livewell would not work, there was a leak in the hoses for the freshwater system the only good news was that the boat's performance is excellent.