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Wiring Docklights Hurricane Fundeck 206 1997

I'm a new boat owner and happy with my Hurrican Fundeck 206LC (1997). But I have a electrical problem with my both Dock lights in front of the boat. Both doesn't works. On the cockpit is a switch an circuit break an on both parts I measure 12V. But by the lights I measure nothing. I think there's an issue by the y-connection between the swich and the lights. But I don't know where is this connection or where goes the wire from the cockpit to the lights.

Sorry, my English...:-)
Somebody can help me?



  • MM5056Williston
    MM5056Williston Member Posts: 12
    i replaced both lights on my 2003 sd 217. The wiring on both lights was corroded and had to pull as much slack as i could and got to some clean wire and made my connections. Both are working now you might try Great Lakes for replacements. We live in N/central Fl and my 217 was a lot closer to the coast in the past thats probably the reason for the corrosion in the wires. Good luck, MM5056Williston