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Pulling New Cables Through Hull

I have a 2015 Hurricane Sundeck Sport 188 OB with a Yamaha 115 4-stroke engine.  I want to install a Garmin GPS/depth finder/multifunction display that will include engine performance data.  To accomplish this I need to pull a NMEA 2000 data cable from the engine to the helm console area.  

I've already inquired of customer service if there was a pre-installed pull cord in the existing cable path and was told no. 

Since there is no way to physically work on the starboard side of the aft bilge, a fish tape would have to be run from behind the helm down to the stern and them somehow retrieved with sufficient length to attach the new cable to and pull up to the helm.

It's pretty cramped under that helm and frankly I don't see an obvious way to push a cable down from there to the stern.  

Any other Hurricane owners out there that have successfully added new cabling to the SS 188 by fishing wires from the helm to the stern and care to share how it was done?


  • Thesteve
    Thesteve Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
    I did, same boat. I was fortunate to have a speaker mounted below and aft of the throttle quadrant. This gave me a half way point back to the bilge. I then used a wire guide stick  and was able to fish it out of the bilge with one of those hand/clamp tools. Hints, leave slack to grab wire from bilge. work forward(Under helm) to aft(Bilge). wasn't so bad. Good luck. BIG HINT--run a couple of lengths of fishing line for next time!!!