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Blistering on hull

Prior to taking my 2011 SS201 in for winterizing I noticed what looked like bubbles or blisters in several different locations below the water line on the hull. Boat only has 31 hrs use.
When I pointed them at the dealership I was ask if I left the boat in the water continuously. My reply was yes, in my slip at my lakehouse. I was then told that I should have had a bottom coating applied if I had planned on leaving it in and not trailering it each time.
My salesman appeared during this conversation, at which time I said he knew of my plans for usage of the boat and was well aware it would be kept in my slip during the summer. I was never offered an option for this coating or told anything about it prior to them ordering my boat from Hurricane.
MY QUESTION IS THIS: should it have been recommended to me in the beginning when I was placing my order and choicing options?
Would appreciate a little advice. Had a pontoon before and this was never something I had to concider.
Thanks, Cindy in Kentucky


  • Ernest_T
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    Well you most definitely want bottom paint on any fiberglass boat that will be left in water. In fact, you should make sure water isn't left pooled on any fiberglass surface, or you will eventually get the blisters, which are the result of water penetrating through the gel oat (it's not impervious to water like you might think).  

    I'm a little surprised that you are seeing blisters after only one season, even without bottom paint. It might be worth seeing if repairs would be covered by Hurricane.

    A good salesman would have made the recommendation for bottom paint if they knew it would stay in the water, but there is no way you could say that would be a mandatory part of the sale. 

    If you keep the boat on the water, I would highly recommend investing in a lift to get the boat out of the water.  That is a much better option than bottom paint IMO, and you don't have all the hassle and expense of the paint.

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