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SS188OB 2012, Very Slow Fuel Filling

dgdecker Member Posts: 1
We can only get about 1.5 gallons of fuel in tank before nozzle clicking off and overflowing. Today I found that immediately after clicking off I hear gurgling and then can put another gallon or so in.  This is with really feathering a slow fill rate and at 2 different gas docks. Dock attendant thought it sounded like a vent line problem. Any others experience this and what the solution? Thx.


  • OV59
    OV59 Member Posts: 14
    It's an "unintended" design feature of the tank vent system.  What I learned is you run the pump painfully slowly until the vent finally burps then increase flow.

    In my opinion and experience it is unwise to fuel any boat at a high flow rate, but the integrated fuel and vent fixture complicates things a bit.

    I can run 60 gallons into my Parker in the time it takes to put 20 into my wifes Hurricane 226
    Suggest you live with it.  Installing separate fuel and vent systems is a view not worth the climb IMO.