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Water getting in and leaking out of transom trim on 2016 SS 188 OB

chicy724 Member Posts: 9
edited May 2017 in Deck Boat Support
We noticed water leaking out the bottom of our transom trim and are baffled. The aluminum trim under the OB motor was warped- so the repair co. caulked it, thinking that was the problem. However, that must not have been the problem because it is still doing it when it rains. We haven't used it since we got it back so I am not sure if it also does it when we are in the water...

I am curious if anyone has had a similar issue. It is possible others have the issue and don't know because their trim is all sealed up. Ours happened to have a break in the very bottom seal and that is how we noticed it. I slit the caulk in the corners to let water drain out and it definitely does. Not like a faucet but it lasts for a bit off and on.

Any thoughts or experience with this? We are still under warranty as we purchased new in 07/2016, and Hurricane has told me they will make it right- but I am still fighting with our warranty servicer to get the claim submitted because they are waiting on their gel coat guy to estimate issues (it's been a month!). I am about to ask them to forget about that and please submit this for approval to be addressed.

I am attaching a photo for reference of the trim I am referring to. Thank you!