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2013 FunDeck 226 Outboard Fishing Model Battery Drain Issue

Loving our new Hurricane but have just one issue... The main cranking battery drains after just a few hours.  Here's the symptoms:
- The main cranking battery (which also runs all accessories) will die after just a few hours.  A new replacement battery is doing the same thing.
- The fuel gauge will read empty unless you turn on the nav lights switch - then it will peg to full even if it's not full.  The fuel sending unit ohm measurements indicate the sending unit is working fine.
- The horn only emits a weak wimper.

Feeling like a ground issue, but I'm not sure how to track this down.  I do not have a grounding bar on this year model boat and this wiring harness under the helm is a nightmare that just bundles together and disappears under the deck.  I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions!