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drain on fun deck under the seat

david10140 Member Posts: 1
drain under my front seat is draining in the hull what kind of hose hook it to the side of the boat. I have a 1993 fun deck it has 4 drains one on each corner but just one is mess up  any help would be great


  • piney
    piney Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
    Look up bilge drain hose.  Places like West Marine carry it.
    Hose, correct sized barbed "T" fittings and good quality SS hose clamps ought to fix it up
  • OV59
    OV59 Member Posts: 14
    You need to remove the seat, carefully cut a 6" hole (except rear starboard).  Replace the deck fitting, through hull fitting, and 1.5 ID hose.  Then install a 6" deck plate on the hole.

    I've done all 4 on my 2000 model 236.  Buy heavy hose.  Most boat dealers will have it.  Don't buy cheap corrugated hose.