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Bulb and/or post for anchor light on 2000 FunDeck replacement?

Sabble27 Member Posts: 1
My bulb in the anchor light on my 2000 FunDeck shattered somehow, and I can't get the base out, so I detached the entire post that sticks up off of the bimini top in the rear.  Does anyone have any idea how to get the base of the bulb out?  And if not, where can I get a replacement for the entire post/light? Do you think that my local marina would have a part that would fit? I just detached it from the wires running along the bimini top, so it should be a relatively easy fix if I have to replace the entire post.  I was hoping to get this replaced by Friday night so I can take friends out for the fireworks on the lake!  

Thanks for any help you can give!!