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2016 ss188 sport w/ YAMAHA F150XB Hydraulic steering poblem, result very un-pleasurable performance

uautob4 Member Posts: 1
my first experience buying a new Hurricane SS188 sport deck boat w/YAMAHA F150 four stroke motor,I have been fighting the steering for approx. 8 months, after searching for solution, i found a HURRICANE publication that states that the hydraulic steering comes with the boat but that when you buy the up grade motor (f150 four stroke instead of the f115) you are REQUIRED to have the Sea Star hydraulic steering  and not the Bay Star hydraulic steering.  Why did Hurricane fill the order on this boat installing the Yamaha F150 and the Bay Star hydraulic steering unit and then stating that the Sea Star is required.  Hurricane and Sea Star both know that Bay Star hydraulic steering does not have the capacity to give the this beautiful pleasurable power boat the performance it needs.  after expressing my dis-pleasure with two hurricane dealers, i got Sea Star to send larger cables and the selling dealer installed them, i was told it was a one time fix.  unfortunately it only helped a small amount,  not sure what to do next,