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Operator's Manual Fun Deck 248 1998

Idanno64 Member Posts: 1

I've recently acquired a 1998 Fun Deck 248 with a 250 HP Mercury engine and have been trying to find information for this boat. More specifically I was searching for an operator's manual that could help me figure out how best to operate this boat and how all of the various accessories, such as sink, fridge and back sprayer operate and how to connect these items.  Moreover I have a few things that need to be replaced and was looking for a parts catalog to help me figure out parts numbers.  I'm located in Canada and there is no Hurricane dealer near me and would need to order the parts online.  I have found this owner's club forum which I find very helpful with some of my questions and from I've read so far, there seems to be a consensus that not much information is available but figure there is no harm in asking.  I was able to find the owner's manual in one of the discussion thread but the information is very generic and was wondering if more detailed information was available. 

Your input would be appreciated!!!


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