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Wiring Diagram for a 1994 Fun Deck?

Flawet Member Posts: 1 ✭✭

I have a 1994 Hurricane Fun Deck 22' (that I absolutely LOVE). It is rigged with what I believe to be the original Mercury 150 - 2L. 

I sure could use a Wiring Diagram?

This question may have been asked before, but if it has been I can’t find it. I saw reference to emailing Terri in a 2013 thread, however that email address doesn’t appear to be valid any longer.

I am particularly interested in the wire from the Bilge switch to the float/pump. I had both the float switch and pump replaced as few months ago, and the well intentioned person didn’t use the wires from the helm switch, so now I do not get a light when the pump comes on automatically, nor can I turn it on manually.

I have been boating all of my life (I am 60 now, and been disabled and in a wheelchair since 1983). 

I have made several minor modifications to make my Hurricane deck boat wheelchair friendly and usable! I have been very involved in disabled boating, fishing and diving since 1984. (I am also a building contractor)

I have designed and am about to have a full-width 2" double tube forward curved aluminum arch fabricated to have installed above the helm area, and a pretty wild and functional extended pipe top (protection from the Florida sun and heat). I may even incorporate oval tubing to create a 28" high side (top) rails and 32" wide gates on either side (and "swoopier" and more substantial side fences)

I am thinking of using a C&C machine to create a  "Hurricane" logo, with my own model called "Access", though I am leaning towards putting a strike out ‘X” over/ through the "A" (and on an angle), as in Xccess. (we can't let the kids and center console boats have all of the fun!

I am doing all of this at my own expense, AND if any you folks would like any feedback or concept/design, I welcome the opportunity to promote boating to the often overlooked disabled population, their families and friends. (I have LOTS of ideas)

Any help with the wiring schematic or color coding will be appreciated. – THANK YOU!