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12 VOLT lighter socket not working

Cellsite Member Posts: 1
2001 Hurricane 237 SD 12 volt lighter socket stopped working after using an inflator to blow up some floaties.  Is there an inline fuse somewhere behind the main console? or a wiring diagram I can look at to find the issue?


  • fastback4
    fastback4 Member Posts: 5
    This is a very poor design on hurricanes part. a cigarette lighter output on 12 gauge wire is not smart with no inline fuse to protect it. true it does go on a breaker but it needs 8 gauge or lower to be efficient enough to pull the amps that a cigarette lighter or power inflator. If you haven't burned the wire through then check the breaker push it in it should reset itself. I would go to an automotive parts store and buy an inline 10 amp fuse wire it to the hot side of the cigarette lighter and be safe then sorry