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New boat owner - Need help

mrosati Member Posts: 1
Hi all,
This is an idiotic question, I'm sure, but I'm completely new to boating. I've lived here on the Maryland Eastern shore for a few years, and with kids and the beautiful Chesapeake at my back door, I figured it was time. We have a brand new Sundeck 187 OB and love it, we basically just tube and cruise around the bay for a few hours every saturday and sunday. However, and here's where the novice in me really shows, the livewell fills all by itself. The switch is turned off, but the moment the boat starts moving forward water comes pouring in through the intake in the side of the make it worse, it doesn't really drain either. I end up bailing it out. Did the dealer possibly leave the intake valve open and the drain valve closed? Where would I find these valves?  Sorry for the dumb question, any help would be great.


  • houndog709
    houndog709 Member Posts: 8
    My livewell (on a Sundeck Sport 188) will fill if I leave the fill tube installed, and drain if I take it out.  Maybe yours will, also. 
  • sullmate
    sullmate Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
    close the valve in the inside transom area by the engine. open the plastic cover an turn the handle sideways, this will stop the water from filling the livewell, When you remove the boat from the water open the handle and let the water out then close the valve. you cannot use the livewell with the valve closed,